South Speaks For the North

Would you believe the president is extending the time
by another year that Africans (Liberians) can move to the USA?

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Moon of South Korea wants to talk Trump into taking a sanction or two
off of North Korea, but in a separate story Japan is extending sanctions of the NORTH

Fast Shoes & Big Airplanes

Michael Avenatti, famous for sticking up for Stormy, had to pay
millions to stay out of jail, and the controversy is about what he said
about NIKE, the running shoe or basketball shoe brand (company).

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Is any country less of a country if the population is less than that of Tokyo?
Is the jet airliner company Boeing making up losses with military contracts?

A Journalist and the Astroid

A graduate of the U. (Miami) became a ‘journalist’ who might be fixated on a particular date and wants to turn someone into a villain.

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JAXA is the space agency in Japan, and they are working on a particular astroid.  Toyota wants to help JAXA get ready for the moon. The terrorists are not bright enough to consider the moon