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I give Japanese sports a lil grief since
the blood ain’t pure, and then I defend Bill even
though he has been lawfully convicted.
Two guys failed to end WWII.


Thank you TCM (Turner Classic Movies) for keeping the legacy alive
by showing “California Suite”

Hey Hey Hey!!!!! How’s My Big Brother @billcosby
You Will Get Out Of Prison Soon My Big Brother @billcosby

I watched that today. Funny! #cosbyfan

From Instagram a few hours after the mockery was recorded

mock 150010

Good at Dodge Ball




Rough and Ready could certainly rise to the occasion.   That was a long time ago.
I laugh at those who, now-a-days, make anything up to get clicks or get their kicks.
There is a guy with a test for the office of President of the U.S., but he’s just blowin’ smoke


He fought the Mexicans very early on in U.S. history.

He is the Corsi who cannot be original and therefore a joke